Welcome at the Parkhotel Pörtschach - we open at 16th April 2014

Parkhotel Pörtschach

a hotel where tradition and modernity, relaxation and high-class entertainment blend together perfectly.

… after all, there’s only one prime location!

40,000 m² of park, the island location on the shores of Europe’s warmest, most scenic bathing lake, the chance to take in the sunrise and the sunset from the same spot, and the view of the lake all around you – that is the prime location!

From the rooms and suites you can enjoy a view of the crystal clear blue waters of Lake Wörthersee. The Parkhotel Pörtschach’s stylish, relaxing atmosphere is the ideal starting point to explore the breathtaking natural surroundings, the area’s cultural treasures and the vibrant nightlife around Lake Wörthersee.

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Parkhotel Pörtschach, Hans Pruscha Weg 5, A-9210 Pörtschach